Thursday, 21 June 2012

Color Club Nomadic in Nude Swatch!

Herrohh :)

Today I am wearing a palate cleanser. I don't really ever wear neutrals or nudes.. I'm more of a neon and glitter type of gal, but whatever.. sometimes it is nice to mix it up.

This is Color Club's Nomadic in Nude. A putty-like-almost-taupe-but-not-quite, brown toned beige. On my skin tone it felt like it had some grey undertones to it too. I got it in the lighter coloured box set of the Back to Boho collection that came out in Fall 2011. Its not too cooperative with my skin tone but I bet it would look awesome on someone with not so much red/pink colouring :P I kept it though because you never know when you need a neutral, and it has a really good formula.

Two coats & topcoat. Great formula.

I wish it looked better with my skin tone because the colour does have a lot of potential. Like I said, I don't really ever wear neutrals so I'll probably try some nail art over this later today :)


  1. This looks very nice on you actually, I considered picking this up when the collection was released but resisted, you'd need to have the perfect skin tone to really pull it off. sigh xxx

    1. Thanks! Haha I know what you mean.. this one is definitely tricky to pull off. I am definitely still on the hunt for a nude that goes well with my skin :P