Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pretty and Polished Boy Crazy - Swatch Take Two


Pretty and Polished Boy Crazy is a polish I've already featured on the blog, but I kind of wanted to give it a different look when i wore it this time. I put it over Essence Walk On Air (what I wore yesterday), a darker blue than last time to try and make the colours of the glitter pop more. I like it, I like it a lot.

Once again, this polish is a little tricky to apply, I'm not sure if its because I have a mini bottle or what. The pink diamonds and shards come out of the sheer blue jelly base easily, but to get at the heavier hearts and hexes I needed to turn it upside down for a while and then fish them out with the brush (actually I used a toothpick to get some of them too). Then I placed them on the nail where there was some room!

I like the combo and the application was definitely worth the result. It is a super unique polish and blue hearts?? Me likey.

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