Friday, 29 June 2012

Springtime Flower Nail Art with OPI's Nicki Minaj Cremes!

Finally arrived in Northern Quebec for work!! Very excited to be here. The internet is not bad for a camp.. but still pretty unreliable. I am going to be very very busy over the next month here!! Also, everyone speaks french and my french skills are so incredibly poor. Its shocking how long you can last in a conversation just nodding, smiling, and laughing before the other people realize you don't speak their language. Turns out I am even more awkward than usual in Quebec. Also my nails are already suffering. Constant burning, chemicals and dishwater will do that to them though. Im doing my best to try and keep them from becoming too horrifying. I have cut them very short :(

Anyway......  here is some flower nail art I did awhile back in spring when I had long nails! I used the three cremes from the OPI Nicki Minaj Collection. I used two coats of Fly as the base colour, Pink Friday for the Petals, and Did It On 'Em for the middle of the flowers. 

I used the back end of a paintbrush as a dotting tool to make the petals and middle of the flowers. I did the middle dot first, then used it as a guide to go around it with Pink Friday for the petals. Then I did the middle dot again. After it dried a bit, one coat of SV smoothed it all out. They definitely aren't perfect but I think they look quite pretty for spring. 

This manicure made me realize how nicely the Nicki Minaj creme colours go together! I was super happy with these nails :] Although it has made me miss my long nails very muchhhhh.


  1. Youve convinced me I need fly!
    so pretty!

    1. It is pretty isn't it?! I originally didnt think I needed it because it seemed almost too dark/not entirely unique in the bottle.. but it surprised me in a very good way :D