Sunday, 1 July 2012

OPI Big Apple Red - Swatch

Happy Canada Day!!! Woohoo! I'm a little sad that I am up North in the cold instead of on a beach in the sun having a beer but I made a Canada Day cake here at work so I am celebrating in my own way I suppose! 

OPI Big Apple Red. Yeah it is a little ironic that this is called "Big Apple Red" (very New York-esque on la jour du Canada) haha but it is a gorgeous red so whatever!

Ahh, one of my staple, go to reds. I used up a full 15ml bottle during my undergrad, and had to buy a new one (this is a mini of it in the picture though). It is exactly the color of a perfect juicy apple, and actually doesn't look bad on my skin tone in the winter (most reds don't flatter me). It is part of the OPI Classics, and for a good reason.. it's a very classy red. Classy AND sassy.
The formula is more of a creme, but maybe kind of jelly? ... a crelly if you will. Two coats is opaque enough for me, although maybe if your nails are really long, you might need three to cover up visible nail line. It went on perfect, and dried quick and glossy. Great quality that I expect when I buy an OPI!

Red isn't usually my go-to colour.. but when I pick a red, this one is great. I'll probably continue to wear it for a long time :)

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