Saturday, 7 July 2012

Badass but Girly Nails.. FT Orly, OPI & Rhinestones

Today I am showing off some nail art that I wore a couple of weeks ago when I still had the luxury of wearing nail polish.

My thumb, ring, and pinkie finger are OPI Metallic for Life. An awesome black jellyish polish stuffed with different sizes of silver hex glitters. It has a great formula (I did just one over a black black polish) and its incredibly sparkly. Then I got all trendy on myself. First trend that I was rockin' that day was the two accent nails.. I painted them with Orly Beach Cruiser, a great neon pink that covered pretty good in two coats, better in three. The second trend is the framed nails.. but I couldn't for the life of me paint it on very well so I gave up and used black rhinestones that I got from BornPretty! (I love Born Pretty). I used a coat of Gelous and then one by one stuck them on with a dotting tool dipped in top coat to make it tacky. It seemed like it might be tedious.. but I was watching modern family, and I was in a rhythm.. so it didnt take very long at all! After a coat of Gelous, and a coat of SV, they were stuck REALLY well on there. I was rough with my hands and I didn't lose any of them before I wanted to talk off the manicure (about three days total). The regular polish was chipping before those rhinestones had any wear & tear at all.

I think the rhinestones and the neon pink give the manicure a girly look, while the rhinestones being black and the black nails make it look kind of badass. I think the silver hex glitter tie it all together being both girly AND badass. Good on you silver hexes. I like that you can be flexible.

Anyway, it makes me a little sad to look at these pretty nails when mine are in such a horrid state. I miss them Hahaha. But work is going well! Woohoo!

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