Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mama Inspired Mani! Featuring OPI!

Good morning everyone! Work is going well today :) I am at the halfway point for this tour of work and that means I only have two more weeks left before I get to go home for a little rest & relaxation AKA nail painting! :]

This is actually the manicure I wore on Mother's Day but I am posting it now because a few days ago it was my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom :) I have been away for work for my mom's last THREE birthdays and it makes me very sad to have to spend her special day without her :( She is an amazing and inspiring woman, my best friend, and one of the kindest, strongest people I know. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for my mommy. I miss her lots when I am away! 

Her favourite polish of mine to borrow is OPI Mod About You because in her words because its "somewhat of a subtle colour but still fun!" so I did the latest "accent nails" trend. The rest of my fingers are OPI Mermaid Tears because her favourite colour is green and this is the polish she always swatches on her thumb and admires when she is standing in front of my polish shelves. I don't think I'll ever be able to get her to brave-up and wear it as a full mani though. 

Then since one of my moms favourite things is gardening and flowers, especially Lilys.. I stamped on these lily-esque flowers (I can't remember the plate right now- sorry! Will update when I do). As you can tell, I'm still new to stamping and definitely need some more practice!

And there you have it! My mommy inspired manicure. I think it suits her well and maybe one day soon when I get home I can do this on her nails for her :)

Also! This is the present I got for my mom! Its a necklace carved out of Ivory and soap stone by a man here in Nunavik. :) My mother is also really into birds so I hope she likes it :)

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