Saturday, 21 July 2012

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Original & Suede - Swatches & Comparison post!

Hello! My countdown is on! ONE WEEK LEFT OF WORK! Flight is booked for the 28th! Anyway, on to the polish..

I thought my dreams of trying an OPI suede polish had died long ago, I could never find them ANYWHERE. But luck has it my local Winners got some in and even though I was on a strict no buy at the time... I picked this one up. Lincoln Park After Dark is one of the OPI core colours and I love it to pieces so I knew I would like the suede version. 

Here is the original. Nice blackened vampy plum purple. It is especially awesome on short nails. Two coats, no topcoat. It applies like a jelly-creme hybrid (love that), and is very shiny on its own.

And here is the suede version. I don't know what the difference between the OPI Mattes and Suedes are.. they both look matte to me. *[EDIT: Figured it out, OPI Suedes have that hidden shimmer, their mattes don't!] Anyway Lincoln Park After Dark, the suede version, is much lighter than the original. Not blackened at all. To me it looks like a plum purple, leaning a little mauve with a silver shimmer that really comes out to play when you add topcoat. I love the look of this. It is just one coat :) Application was relatively easy for a matte. It was fast drying but not so fast that it ruined application or anything :) When you add topcoat, the mauve undertones completely disappear and it gets a few shades darker and more intense. The shimmer is all microglitter-y and awesome. Sorry I dont have a picture for you of that :(

& Here is the inside of little tag that came on the polish. It gives fair warning to the consumer that it doesn't wear well (like pretty much all matte polishes). I did notice that after washing my hands, & applying hand cream a little later in the day that the completely matte flat look of the polish had faded slightly, so OPI was not lying about that either.

Guess what else they weren't lying about? Wear time. I added some glossy tips, and this picture was taken after exactly 24 hours of wear. Would you look at that? I have never had a polish chip randomly in the middle of my nail. Weird. Sorry for the horrid photo. I was busy, but wanted to grab a picture of what the polish looked like at the 24 hour mark. You can also tell the matte finish has faded in the picture, like they mentioned in the tag.

For the cool matte look though and the price I got it for at Winners, ($7).. I think it is worth it. I knew it wasn't going to wear well and I still bought it anyway because I think matte polishes are pretty cool and I don't really have that many in my collection! Does look way different than the original Lincoln Park After Dark though!

Anyway, have a great day :)

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