Sunday, 8 July 2012

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover - Swatch

Hello hello hello!
Just a quickie today! 

Today I have a green polish from China Glaze.. its called Four Leaf Clover and that is the perfect name for it. Its super green, like the colour of a grassy clover, but brighter. Its darker and more green than my pictures make it look :( My camera couldn't capture its true beauty which is kind of upsetting!! The formula was good, this is two coats & top coat. One thick coat though and I could have gotten away with one! Next time Im going to do that.

*Also it should be noted that this polish stained my nails pretty bad so choose a good base coat*

It is available in the core colour selection at Sally's, and despite the staining I think it is worth picking up, especially if you like greens like me :]


  1. You did really good capturing this! My camera spasmed out lol

    Lovely nails!

    1. It is such a hard colour for camers!! But so pretty in person :)