Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summertime Nails Of the Day! Orly Beachcruiser & Joe Fresh Fluo Blue!

Hello :) I'm so sleepy! I work insane hours when I am away for work. I want to take a nap :P

ANYWAY lets talk about polish! I did this mani a couple of weeks ago and for me, it was one of those manicures that was simple.. but that I was in love with. Nothing fancy, just bright, fun, and summery. Plus at the time my nails were long and healthy which now they are not :P Haha. Stupid work. Ruining my hands and blogging time haha

Anyway, this is Joe Fresh Fluo Blue & Orly Beach Cruiser done in that new trend where the accent nails are your pointer and middle finger. I like this trend, I like it a lot! Super fun.

Let me just say that I am getting A LOT of wear out of Orly Beach Cruiser this summer thus far. I've worn it.. more times than I can count. Good thing Orly bottles are big :D I also love Fluo Blue. It is not a neon but its very vibrant :D It has an ALMOST one coat smooth and easy to work with formula. If you do thick coats, you can get away with one for sure. It goes on smooth and very even. Its bright and fresh too. 

I also thought they looked perfect together. Really complimented each other well :] They both also wore quite well. I took it off with minimal tip wear on day three, and I was volunteering at the SPCA everyday playing in the dirt with dogs. Held up really well :)

*waves longingly to old long healthy nails*
*snarls at oddly shaped weak peeling excuses-for-nubbins*

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