Wednesday, 18 July 2012

OPI Not Like the Movies vs Essence Where is the Party? - Purple/Green Duochrome Comparison!

Hello polish people!
Today I have got a comparison for you! There are a couple of green/purple duochromes out there in polish world but today I am comparing the two that I own :P This is OPI Not Like the Movies (From the Katy Perry collection) and Essence Where is the party? I love the name of the Essence polish. In the town where I grew up it was customary on a Friday or Saturday night to say "wheres the party at, biiiiiiii" (Don't worry, I never said it... just heard it very often hehehe).

Anyway! Heres the pictures and I'll let you see if you can guess. I'll point out some stuff at the end of the post. The first two pictures are in the shade, and the last two pictures are in the sunshine.

OPI Not Like The Movies is on my index and ring finger. Essence Where is the party? is on my middle and pinky!

Differences: They are both green/purple duochromes but they are quite different on the nail. In the pictures in the shade you can see that both have quite a strong duochrome, with the green in Essence leaning more olive, and the green in the OPI learning more gun-metal. In the sun, they look quite different. The purple of the Essence is more jewel toned while the OPI is more greyed out. The overall finish of the Essence polish is a very fine shimmer, while the OPI has a fine shimmer as well as some very small glitters/chunky shimmer thrown into the mix. It adds lots of sparkle in the sun.

Application/Formula: The OPI was thin/watery and somewhat sheer. It needed three coats for opacity. Essence only needed two coats. Careful application was needed with both to avoid major brushstrokes as the fine shimmer made the polish seem somewhat frosty if you were not careful. These pictures were taken without topcoat so it is visable here. I did eventually add some topcoat, and it fixed most of the major brushstroke issues for me.

Price/Availability: I bought this OPI at a Regis Salon for 10 dollars earlier this year, but it is a discontinued polish. It is a full sized at .5oz/15ml. The Essence is available now in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart as a part of the core "color & go" polish line for $1.49 for .16oz. A great deal for a smaller almost mini bottle.

I will let you decide which one you need :)
Have a nice day!

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