Monday, 2 July 2012

a-England Holy Grail - Swatch

Haaai. Just taking a quick 5min break from work to post :D

This is my all time (as of right now) favourite gold polish - a-England Holy Grail. Most of the golds I own are foils, and don't look very good one me, too bronzy maybe? I love that a-England had a different take on gold.. and the product itself is awesome!

It is one of those glow-from-within polishes which makes it a unique gold and absolutely gorgeous. Its a warm toned gold, which makes it actually flattering on me, and leans yellow. Its incredibly shiny and shimmery. I swear that besides gold shimmer, I see a bit of red and green shimmer in there too. Its got an insane amount of depth to it. It is super interesting to look at, especially in the sunshine! But its gorggggge inside too.

This is two coats, no topcoat. It does longer to dry for me than my other a-Englands but some SV would speed up that process.

I love a-England as a company. Their polishes are of insanely good quality, every polish I have tried have had flawless formulas. They also offer free worldwide shipping (and it's fast, even to Canada). I've also experienced excellent and timely customer service :) I had a package that was taking longer than usual and I inquired about it.. within hours I had a response with an apology that it must be lost in the mail and they would be willing to ship another immediately or offer a refund, whichever I preferred.  And it wasn't like THEY made a mistake or anything, the mail did! Like I said, excellent and very timely customer service! :) That makes me a happy camper.

Also, whenever I hear Holy Grail.. it makes me think of this:

Hahaha I love Monty Python hahahaha If you haven't seen The Holy Grail or The Meaning of Life.. I highly recommend it. You'll hate it the first time you see it, but by the third you won't be able to stop laughing, rewinding, and telling your friends about it and forcing them to watch it three times too. Ok end rambling... back to work time! BYE!

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  1. So sad this shade is no longer produced since its revamp. Do you have a suggestion that duplicates the original holy grail formulation?