Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lynnderella Shape Shifter - Swatch!

HI:) Today I'm posting Lynnderella Shape Shifter. This was an archived swatch and I intended it to stay that way after the way that everything ended up unfolding but whatever, I went through the trouble to make the original post so here it is. Let it be noted that for me.. I won't be supporting her brand any longer. I won't force my decisions on anyone else though. To each their own. None-the-less... Shape Shifter is a pretty cool polish.

Lynderella Shape Shifter is not for the faint of heart when it comes to glitter. It is a mix of every shape of holographic glitter packed in a clear base that you could ever imagine. These are the ones I spotted:
-Small, medium, and large hexes
-Small, medium and large squares
-Bar glitter
Whew, that is a LOT of holo glitter!

Here is a close up of a bottle shot. Soooo much holo.

I have done a number of manicures with Shape Shifter, and it is possible to just have a complete nail of holo glitter goodness, but today I wanted just one coat to add some sparkle where you can really see all the different shapes! It is definitely not for everyone, because of all the butterflies and flowers it almost appears childish, but I think its fun.

This is just one coat over Nails Inc Baker Street. It is a bumpy, gritty, thick glitter with all the huge and unique shapes. The unique shapes all tend to curl up on me.. snagging in things if I don't topcoat it enough. I needed a coat of Gelous and two coats of Seche Vite to make all (most) of the glitter lay flat and make it smooth. I dont think I was ever going to get it ALL to be smooth but it was wearable and decently flat with this combo.

Artificial Light
Indoors, Natural Light
This was one Lynderella that I wanted for as long as Connect the Dots longggg longggg ago.... and I finally got it through the wishlist system (seems like forever ago in polish world now). However Lynnderellas are only available through Lynns shop on ebay now (US only- stupid) because of all that craaaaazyness.  For me, I won't be buying her polishes anymore. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty polishes.. and I'm sure she is was well-intentioned.... but I can't support her business practices with my hard earned chedda. There are plenty of other gorgeous glitters out there for me, plenty of fish in the sea ;) However I will be using the ones I did acquire.. I used to feel a moral dilemma about using them but now I have adopted the attitude of "I practically walked on hot coals to buy them, I'm darn well going to wear them". I won't be purchasing any others from her though. HOWEVER I won't push my opinions on you so if you're interested, she is back to updating her blog. and I believe her ebay store is something along the lines of lynnderella-lynnderella.

What do you think of Shape Shifter? Is it too random or do you like it? Are you completely done with Lynns or are you still lemming some more?

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