Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wet n' Wild Stars and Stripes Swatch :)

Hi Everyone! I just want to say sorry if I am very distracted, rambling, and full of poor grammar lately and in the near future. I am working from 3:30AM to 9PM with a couple of short breaks for a whole month... so my brain is not at it's best. I am seriously lacking sleep and seriously overdosing on caffeine. 

AAnnnyywhooooo. Happy 4th of July to all of my American friend and readers! :)
I feel stupid that I had no Canada Day manicure (just a red polish) but I have a Fourth of July mani Hahaha. This is Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Stars and Stripes. I found it on a display at Lawtons Pharmacy for 1.99 with a bunch of "party" glitters in different colour combos that were reminiscent of "Party of Five Glitters". I only picked up this one though because for me it stood out next to the others.

Stars and Stripes is a clear base with holo string glitter, bar glitter, a small amount of microglitter, and star glitter. I have some other glitters with stars, and I also have some loose star glitter that sometimes I like to add to manicures.. but what I loved about this polish is the application. So easy to get stars on the brush. No digging. It was a nice little break from shaking. Lots of stars got on the nails super easily, with lots left in the bottle! It was also easy to get the stars to go exactly where they should.

Here is just one coat over China Glaze First Mate. The stars actually did not stick out and curl as much as I thought they would. There was some edges that stuck out a LITTLE bit but I did two coats of SV just to be safe and it was all smooth.

I think it was a great purchase and for 1.99 it is also a great deal! :] They should have one with maple leaves for Canada!!

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