Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pretty & Polished Swing! Swatch & Review

Hi everyone :)

Today I am showing you one of the first Pretty & Polished polishes I ever bought! :O This is Swing! I love love love the whole idea of this polish. Its a deep strawberry coloured red jelly base with white, silver, and black hexes in a couple of different sizes (some large!:D). I love jellies so much. I adore the look of some of the glitter (especially these glitters) being somewhat layered in the jelly polish so they are all at different depths :)

I think there must be a different version of Swing floating around too because some of the swatches I have seen have black micro-glitter which my bottle does not have. I purchased this back in late winter/early springtime for reference.

When I first opened up the bottle I found the polish to be quite "sticky" if that is even possible but I added a few drops of thinner (not too much or the glitter might not be able to suspend properly- learned this the hard way with a different jelly/glitter polish) and the texture of the polish was much much better. I bet rolling it in my hands to warm it up probably would have accomplished the same thing though :\ I did notice some slight settling of glitters in the bottle when it was on my shelf so I let this bottle sit upside down for a half hour and rolled it around/shook it up good before I applied it (this has become commonplace for me when using most glitters - just in case). Shown in this picture is three easy coats of swing without topcoat. Two was also a really cool look and I almost left it like that. Getting the glitters where I wanted them on the nail was very easy, no "dabbing" or "placing", just swiped the brush where I wanted them to go. None of the glitters (even the large ones) curled at all, they all stayed quite flat and didn't stick out of my topcoat when I added it later. Dry time was very good between coats and overall, speedy speedy! This polish also wore very well. I think I had it on for about 4 days with a few chips on the last day before I took it off. I also really really like the way it looks :]

And there we have it! Swing by Pretty and Polished! :) Chelsea sells her polishes on Etsy here (I suggest following her on FB for updates about sales if you want in) and her creations are also going to be available at Llarowe here later this week! :)

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