Friday, 13 July 2012

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Snappy Sorbet - Swatch & Review!


Quick swatch of a Sally Hansen Insta Dry today! This is Snappy Sorbet, a orange toned coral with a pearly finish. It is available at all drugstores mostly and for a reasonable price. These insta dri's go on sale all the time for $4.99. 

Color/Finish: Very pretty. Feels summery and bright but not obnoxious. Great for an everyday colour, even for work. Pearly finish adds something extra nice and was obvious on my nails. Also looked good with my skin & almost made me look tan!

Formula: HOLY BUBBLES BATMAN. Look at how much it bubbled!!! This is without topcoat (just used the SV bottle for hand positioning reasons). This is two coats (a very opaque colour, one coat   was visibly opaque) but it was a thick, uneven nightmare. I didn't get it even with two coats and I did not bother with three because I knew it wasn't going to happen for me. Maybe thinning the polish and topping it with SV would have helped. Its obvious in the photos that application didn't go well. I don't mind the thicker/flat brush of the Insta-Dris but I DO mind when the bottom of the brush is uneven and there are loose bristles sticking out, which my bottle did have, and made application even trickier.

I'll note that not all my SH Insta Dri's have wonky formulas like this and it is entirely possible I got a bad bottle. I will try thinning it a bit to see if it helps at all because the colour is super adorable!

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