Thursday, 19 July 2012

Somebody Stop Me!

Hi everyone!

Sorry my posting is very sporadic lately! Being away for work is hard on me in all aspects of my life :( I have about 12 more days left before I go home for a little break :]

I have a problem. If you all remember, I was on quite a strict no-buy before I left for work. I was getting quite broke and had some bills to pay off. So... after I got my first paycheck.. I took care of all of my bills, set a small amount aside for emergency/etc... and then bought SO MUCH NAIL POLISH ONLINE. I didn't even know how much I had bought until I started getting shipping notices. I couldn't help myself!! I went WAY WAY overboard. It was so crazy!!! Somebody stop me!!! *said in the voice of Jim Carey from The Mask*

It all started when I saw that Traci from the Trace Face Philes was having a blog sale and I nabbed a few bottles that I would like to try out including Fly With Me from Color Clubs summer Take Wing collection. I had been wanting it but my Winners hadn't gotten them in stock before I left for work. Also my very first Julep polish. She was selling it for only 2$ so I figure it was worth a shot. I also picked up a couple of indies from her including some All That Glitters polishes (I love All That Glitters) and also some brands I haven't tried before like Polished Perfection, Rockstar Nails and Fever Lacquer. Really excited to try some of these new-to-me brands :]

Then with Indies on the brain, I found my fingers wandering over to Etsy.. just to "look around". Look around my ass! I saw that Daring Digits was having a 20% off sale FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF JULY. I snagged myself a bottle of a Minecraft inspired polish (nerd alert!) and a bottle of Why So Serious? I needed it. Because Batman and I are super tight and I wear my batman T-shirt probably twice a week.

Then I creeped over to Llarowe because I saw that Enchanted Polish was in stock. I grabbed the multi-chrome holos from the Beatles collection because "You can't buy me love" (get it? the Beatles?) Do you see how I can justify every extravagant purchase? Its not a healthy habit. Haaa.

This is when I noticed Llarowe was starting the launch of some new Indie brands. I had been trying to get my paws on some Crows Toes for awhile now and I finally got one.. or six. I just love how the indies are inspired by things I love!! Like The Adams Family, Wonderwoman, and Alice in Wonderland. Like, come on! How can I resist that? It really is excellent marketing. I also snatched up a bottle of The Many Shades of Mr Grey from the Dollish Polish launch because I am THAT GIRL and while most of the time i pride myself on reading actual literature.. once in a while I love to indulge myself in a trashy-poorly-written but addictive book on airplanes. People DO judge you though. Take my advice and do not read 50shades on an airplane.

Then I made my first, but definitely not my last purchase from OverallBeauty. I saw there were some bottles of the Dolly Does Polish collection there and I had wanted to get my hands on a few of those for awhile now. I love that they are non-glitter indie polishes and the "adult themed" nature of the collection made me giddy and I had to have them.

Then I placed an order for the Zelda duo at OverallBeauty. AND I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST 10 SO MY ORDER WAS IN STOCK :D :D :D I LOVE THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. I still play the ocarina of time on my 64, and Links Awakening on my gameboy ALL THE TIME. Yeah, I'm 22. Don't judge me. Anyway, after months and months of lemming these, I can rest easy knowing they are safe with my name on them! :D

THEN..... I grabbed a bottle of Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise. Swatches of it just looked SO gorgeous. I can tell from pictures that is going to be an amazing shimmer polish. I can't wait to try it :] Plus I am a little biased because I am currently in the arctic and the sunrise here is around 3AM (we only get about 2 hours of dusk this time of year). Since I start work at 3AM, I see the sun "rise" over the tundra every morning while I drink my coffee. It truly is beautiful and I think this polish may have just captured it :) I can't wait! The polish is a beautiful blue with an intense pink shimmer... and here is a picture of the actual arctic sunrise from the tiny inuit village I am currently working in:

Pretty much bang on for the colours right?
I then was tempted into picking up two Candeo Colours polishes. Orchid and Melon-ball! Orchid is a jelly. I cant resist a jelly. Melon Ball is apparently a Llarowe exclusive colour and I have been trying to find a watermelon polish on etsy for awhile but none of the ones that i found shipped to Canada. So now that lemming is complete :)

Since I start work at 5AM... and dollish polish was launching the Mario Collection from 5-11AM EST (my timezone).. and lets face it.. I am a mario nerd, right from the beginning with the NES (I still play with my grandfather weekly). I NEEDED THE ENTIRE COLLECTION. I tried to eliminate a few polishes but I couldn't. So I bought the whole darn thing. I'm happy about it. I was a little worried because people had all the full sets in their cart, so I had to buy them all individually. THEN THREE INDIVIDUALS were in others' carts.. so I refreshed like a crazy person until I could get them in my cart. I also picked up some minis of them for gifts :D

Then I did something really bad. Like, REALLY bad. For those of you who don't know, I have an obsession (borderline unhealthy) with Nerd Lacquer which has vanished from the scene. There was a bottle of Nebula on Ebay for a decent price so I made a bid (I usually stay away from ebay) .. then another.. then another. And suddenly, I *accidentally* won the auction and added another bottle of Nerd Lacquer to my collection :D I hope it ships soon and will be waiting for me when I get home :]

Anyway, NO ONE LET ME BUY ANYMORE. My mom is going to get so mad when the postman comes with all of these. I have a feeling I will have an angry email waiting for me that says "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO SAVE YOUR MONEY" Who is she kidding though? She loves trying on my polishes!

Wow this was  a long.. somewhat boring post.. At least it will help me keep track of my orders and it has made me realize how out of control I have become...... I need to tone back. My shelves at home are already full to the brim! I am going back on a strict no-buy!!!!!! Have you guys ever experienced a binge like this? I don't know what came over me!! NO MORE. At least.. not for awhile.. (still want those layla chromes though.....)

I truly hope all the fall collections suck so I won't be tempted. :P

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