Friday, 6 July 2012

Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink - Swatch

Herrooooo. Incredibly busy at work so this is an archived post hehe.. enjoy!

Today I'm showing off Nerd Lacquer Don't Blink. Another Doctor Who polish!! It is worth mentioning that Nerd Lacquer is not available anymore since the creator Amanda has disappeared from the nail polish scene....  but I like the polish, and I'm wearing it.. so I'm blogging about it. I hope Nerd Lacquer reappears soon. I still have some lemmings I need to squash.

I'm pretty sure Don't Blink is inspired by the scariest episode of Doctor Who ever. The one with the terrifying Weeping Angels. Ahh. Thinking about it even gives me the creeps. I won't say anything else so I don't spoil it on you if you ever want to watch it. 

Anyway, Don't Blink is the exact stone coloured grey of the Weeping Angels, Amanda did an incredible job with this colour. It is the perfect grey. Its full of circular charcoal (almost black) small round glitter and even smaller silvery-white micro glitter. There are some medium and larger silver hexes too. What I really love about this polish is that it manages to be pretty neutral while still being stunningly unique.

Perfect application. Here I am wearing two coats and topcoat. 

I am sending out my wishes that Amanda returns. I want more Nerd Lacquers. And for my follow Doctor Who fans.... whatever you do... Don't Blink.

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